Canadian Industry Investment

Vivian Capital partners with international investors to acquire profitable Montreal-based businesses in industries where significant value can be created, both in Canada and abroad.


According to the 2017 Fraser Institute Annual Survey of Mining Companies, Quebec is the 6th most mining-friendly territory in the world. It produces one-fifth of Canada’s mining output, with exploration rights granted only to approximately 5 per cent of its immense area. Rich in gold, iron, nickel, and titanium, Quebec is also one of the rare territories in the world where niobium, titanium dioxide, and cobalt are found. Its subsurface is estimated to contain vast reserves of graphite, lithium, and diamond.

We have over a decade of experience in the mining exploration industry, mainly in Canada and Africa. We invest in Montreal and Quebec-based private mining companies with the potential to go public. While we privilege Quebec exploration, our target companies are always positioned to seize international opportunities.


In 2017, while foreign investment declined across Canada, it increased by 50 per cent in Montreal, reaching more than $2 billion, driven by sectors like aerospace, information and communications technologies, life sciences and health technologies, clean technologies, logistics and transport, and financial services.

Vivian Capital evaluates and acquires businesses in Montreal’s fastest growing industries, with a preference for investments that generate returns both locally and in an international investor’s country of interest.


Analysis of investment potential – Identification of lucrative opportunities and evaluation of their growth potential.

Due diligence – Insuring that all investments meet the criteria represented by the vendors, as well as Canadian law requirements.

Investment management – Active supervision and control of a business’ operations to reach performance targets.

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